BlackBerry Motion Privacy Screen Protector SPD100-3AALEU1

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Product Code: BB-MOPSP Manufacturer: BlackBerry Manufacturer Code SPD100-3AALEU1


BlackBerry Motion Privacy Screen Protector Overview

This is an official BlackBerry screen protector, designed exclusively for the new BlackBerry Motion.

This cover is transparent when viewed face-on, however visibility drops at 60-degree plus angles for improved privacy.

With a 2H hardness level, this film will resist scratches as well as avoiding dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints! Use a screen protetcor to reduce the chance of long-term damage to your phone's screen.

Reasons to buy BlackBerry Motion Privacy Screen Protector

  • Genuine BlackBerry Motion accessory
  • Privacy feature: limited 60 degree viewing angle
  • Cut outs for fingerprint sensor, speaker & selfie camera
  • 2H hardness level, protect against scratches, dirt and grease