iGRIP Tablet Gripper Headrest - T5-1880


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Product Code: IG-TGH-W170 Manufacturer: Herbert Richter Manufacturer Code T5-3790


Overview of iGRIP Tablet Gripper Headrest - T5-1880

iGRIP is a range of mounting products for mobile technology which has been designed and manufactured by Herbert Richter, perhaps the most well known producer of mobile technology mounting equipment.

With the tablet gripper headrest mount, you can attach a tablet computer to the headrease of a vehicle. Perfect examples include when you have children in the car, mount your tablet to headrest of the fron seats to keep them entertained.

  • Safe and secure mounting solution for tablets inside the vehicle
  • Universal tablet holder – fits most Tablet PCs like Apple iPad and others
  • Fits most Tablet PCs with or without CASE (protecting cover) or BUMPER (edge guards)
  • Extendable top clamp with integrated tension spring can be freezed with mechanical interlock
  • Easily adjustable top and bottom clamp to fit most Tablet PCs and PNDs sized 120 to 220 mm
  • Horizontally adjustable clamp supports to avoid interference with functional elements and buttons
  • EASY ONE-HAND OPERATION – simple insertion and removal of any Tablet PC (Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerrry Playbook)
  • CRASH SECURE with integrated rubber foam pads to ensure a secure installation, reduced vibration and to protect device

How to use:

  • Adjust supports to avoid interference with functional elements
  • Insert device, push top clamp upwards and place it on supports
  • Feeze top clamp with mechanical interlock

Universal – German Made – Headrest Mount

  • Clamp mechanism with setscrew for easy installation onto round headrest rods
  • Foldable arm with setscrew for individual adjustment
  • 4QuickFIX adapter system – fits all holders with HR 4-hole-adapter. Easy to install – attaches and removes holder from mount within seconds
  • Integrated joint mechanism and tightening wheel – allows easy adjustment of viewing angle
  • Rotates 360° and adjusts vertically and horizontally (portrait or landscape format) at an inclination angle up to 60°
  • Tightening wheel to freeze adjustment of viewing angle

Quick-Fix-Adapter System

  • Simple and quick to attach mount to holder
  • Press sides and insert prongs. Integrated spring mechanism ensures tight locking of prongs inside holder
  • To remove holder from mount press sides and and prongs release holder