Kenu Stance

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Kenu Stance - For Android & Windows Phone Android / Windows £18.33
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Kenu Stance Overview

Portable, compact and versatile. The Stance from Kenu is the perfect compact tripod that directly mounts into your devices charging port making video calls via Hangouts or Facetime , sanpping the perfect picture or video with the self-timer easier than ever before.

Take it with you anywhere. Days out, a picnic, or on holiday the Stance weighs in at only 34g so will fit nicely in hand luggage, a backpack or why not use it at work to keep your device easily at hand to keep an eye on emails or catching up with the latest news.

Your phone can easily tilt and rotate thanks to the ball-and-socket joint so you can get the perfect position and, with the non-slip feet, you have a stable base. Even with the legs folded flat your phone is securely held in place so you can watch a film or stream in the latest and greatest from Netflix.

When you are ready to kickback the Stance also has a bottle opener.

Reasosn to buy the Kenu Stance

  • Available for both Android, Windows and iPhone
  • Light, portable and compact
  • Use to watch a movie
  • Ideal for the home, office, or out and about
  • Great for use with the self-timer for snapping pictures or videos