Moto Mods - TurboPower Pack

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Product Code: MOT-MTPP-D14 Manufacturer: Motorola Manufacturer Code ASMTRBOBLKWE


Moto Mods TurboPower Pack

Moto Mods TurboPower Pack Overview

Looking to extend the battery life of your Moto Z range handset? If so then you need look no further. The genuine Motorola TurboPower Pack Mod instantly adds an extra day of life to your phone.

The pack itself holds a beefy 3,490 mAh of charge. That's enough to fully charge any of the Moto Z range devices with a little left over.

Simply snapping to the back of the phone like all the other Mods, power is sent through the Mods connectors at a whopping 15W so you can go from zero to full in double-quick time.

The TurboPower pack also charges itself quickly; with a USB Type-C connection - just like the phone - you can fill it up 50% in only 20 minutes.

Moto Mods TurboPower Pack Features


  • 153 x 73.4 x 6.58 mm
  • 95 grams

Battery size

  • 3,490 mAh

Charge rate to phone

  • Up to 15W

Charge rate from wall USB-C charger

  • Up to 30W